Hamster Baskets Freezer Basket
Hamster Baskets Freezer Basket

Save Time, Save Waste, Save Money.

It began with our unique Stack and Slide Freezer Basket system. The Hamster Baskets Freezer Basket system means you can find anything quickly and easily. Those out of date fish fingers buried at the bottom of the freezer are a thing of the past!

Not just for the domestic chest or upright freezer, our baskets have been used in many commercial settings from catering companies to medical supplies companies.

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Over 30 years ago, we started making Dog Cages for the car. We now custom build dog cages and guard systems for any vehicle or for the home, these are tailor made to suit your needs. Not exclusively for dogs, we offer cages for both domesticated and less domesticated animals and are used by many charities for the safe trapping and care of our treasured wildlife.

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As we developed our craft over the years we have often been asked “Can you make …” and the answer is usually “Yes, we can!”. We offer a completely bespoke service – “Want it in wire, We can make it!”. We will always provide an estimate for making one-off, bespoke products.

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Under the GDPR Data Privacy Laws, you have the right to request access to, change, delete or object to the processing of personal data. At Hamster Baskets any data we collect will only be used to fulfil your order, we do not store your personal data for processing of any kind.

We do pass on your mobile telephone number and email address to our courier unless you request otherwise.

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BMW X1 cage for a German Longhaired Pointer. This is a large single door crate, made to fill the whole boot space. #hamsterbaskets #bespokemade #dogcage #BMWX1 #germanlonghairedpointer ... See MoreSee Less
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Here is Finnigan, the lovely Border Collie in his new cage. This is a great crate, filling out all of the space in this VW Golf.#hamsterbaskets #bespokemade #dogcage #vwgolf #bordercollie ... See MoreSee Less
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This is Yusuke proudly sat in a cage made for their Honda Jazz. Thank you to Katie and Yusuke for being a pleasure to work with. #hamsterbaskets #bespokemade #dogcage #hondajazz ... See MoreSee Less
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Here's Leila, looking very happy in her new cage. This is a great stable door crate, in a VW Tig#hamsterbasketss#bespokemadee#dogcageg#vwtiguani#sheepdogepdog ... See MoreSee Less
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Another great double cage, with storage battlements on top, in this VW Caddy Maxi Life. The customers German Shepherd and Labrador, both have plenty of space to stretch out in comfort. #hamsterbaskets #bespokemade #dogcage #VWCADDY #germanshepherd #labrador ... See MoreSee Less
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