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The amazing stack and slide Hamster Baskets Freezer Basket system helps you find anything in your chest freezer quickly and easily. Devised over 50 years ago and still going strong, we provide custom made freezer baskets for any freezer, including uprights. Our made to measure freezer baskets help you organise your freezer so you can access any item by lifting a maximum of 2 baskets.  Baskets are made to customer specifications so will be suitable for individual food storage requirements.

Hamster Baskets also manufactures commercial freezer baskets for use in the catering industry, medical industry and even for yachts.

And it’s not just freezer baskets. You name it, we make it! We provide wire mesh items on a commercial scale: freezer shelving; catering items; bespoke dishwasher baskets; guards for tractors, air conditioning and lighting.

Freezer Baskets are £25 each, plus a delivery charge per order. Please give us a call to place an order.

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