Made to measure Dog Cages and Guards for every model of car and in the home.

Hamster Baskets offer a completely tailor-made solution for traveling with the family pet, prize show pooch or for your busy dog walking business or to give your dog their personal space in the home.

Our car cages are designed to fit the shape of your car, they are light weight, easy clean and rattle free. We tailor our product to meet your requirements whether that is to maximise space available to your dog or to provide safe and convenient storage alongside your dog. All our car cages include an escape hatch as an alternative exit for your dogs, very handy if, as happened to one customer, you are unable to open the boot! The Hamster Baskets Dog Cage is designed to fold flat for carriage, it is easily assembled for use and can be folded for storage.

To help you tailor your dog cage solution we offer several additional features and will happily include any design features you wish to add. Options include:

    • Adjustable and removable dividers to travel more than 1 dog
    • Additional doors
    • Extensions to allow flexible use of the space in your car
    • Storage space above your cage (we call them battlements)
    • Double deckers – 2 up, 2 down cages for large vehicles or small dogs
    • Roofless cages – for tall dogs
    • ”Hand Holes” for access to your dog without opening the main door
    • Plus your own ideas

Hamster Baskets Guards Systems are custom made dog guards and tailgate guards. As with our dog cages, these are lightweight, easy clean and rattle free. We can completely tailor the dog guard system to meet your needs, offering simple tailgate and dog guards to allow free access to the entire boot space or to section the travel space for multiple dogs or uses. The guard system is very popular with Dog Walking businesses and Dog Agility customers.

Hamster Baskets offers a complimentary measuring service for car cages within our working hours. Alternatively, you can use our Measuring Instructions when ordering a dog cage for the car. We need the vehicle at our workshop near Ledbury in Herefordshire for the guard systems.

Use our Measuring Guide to get started or give us a call to book your appointment.

Our house dog cages are as convenient and flexible as our travel cages.  We offer free standing cages or our guard systems to provide a special place for your dog in the home. Our shaped guard systems to utilise the space under the stairs are very popular. We have some lovely pictures on our Facebook page that customers have posted of their happy dogs in the house cage.

Dog Cages Price List

Our Show Trolley can be made to multiple heights. The cage can be easily lifted off allowing you to then use trolley for moving your other equipment, or folded down flat for easy storage and transport.

Why let the dogs have all the fun! Our feline friends can also have their own custom made basket for in your home or for travel. We also stock a small number of standard sized cages for cats (17″x12″x12″).


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