Dog and Pet Cages

Dog Pods

We provide made to measure cages for your car so you can travel safely with your dog. All our cages are light weight, easy to clean, rattle free and completely tailored to your requirements, whether that is to maximise the space available to your dog or to provide safe convenient storage for other items alongside your dog.

The door(s) to the Dog Cage can be top or side hinged and are fitted with self-latching catches or spring loaded bolt-style pins.

All our cages are provided with an escape hatch to provide an alternative exit for your dogs in the event of an accident (or, as happened to one customer, being unable to open the boot of the car).

Dog Cages are also designed to fold flat for ease of storage and carriage.

Extras that can be added to our Dog Cages include:

  • Adjustable and removable divisions to travel more than 1 dog
  • Additional doors
  • Extensions to allow flexible use of the space in your car
  • Storage space above your cage (we call them battlements)
  • Secured, non-spill water bowl for the dog that gets thirsty when travelling
  • Double deckers – for large vehicles or small dogs
  • Roofless cages – for tall dogs
  • ”Hand Holes” for access to your dog without opening the main door
  • Plus your own ideas



Pet Cages

Dog Cages

We also offer made to measure dog cages for your home for use as whelping cages or to help designate an area for your dogs to call their own or dog guards and tail gate guards for the car.

Cat Cages

Cat cages – why let the dogs have all the fun! Our feline friends can also have their own custom made basket for in your home or for travel. We also stock a small number of standard sized cages for cats (17″x12″x12″).

Other Pets

Horses – No, we do not make cages for horses! But, we have made window guards for stables, custom storage for rugs and a “peace keeping” partition to stop 2 horses fighting in the stables.


So far we have only been asked to make 1 cage for a hamster. Please see our page to see why we are called Hamster Baskets.

How to order

We offer a complimentary measuring service at our workshop in Herefordshire.

If it is possible for you to visit we can measure your car and discuss your requirements with you face to face. If you cannot visit the workshop, we can normally provide measurements that we have previously used for your vehicle make and model. We still ask you to measure your car as your cage will be made to meet your requirements, not our previous customers. Please follow the measuring instructions in the attachment below.

Then call us on 01531670209 or Contact Us to discuss your requirements, we will need to take your credit card details to place your order.

Measuring Guide Pricing Guide